Friday, June 19, 2009

Searchable & Indexable SWFs - In Depth

This is the most insightful recourse on Flash searchability I've found so far. It's a session on Flash and search engines in MAX 2008.

It is a monumental task what Adobe and Google have undertaken. Google programmed an automated virtual user that sorts the interactivities of any given SWF to present all the different states in that swf. Adobe has created a customized flash player called Ichabod that is tailor made for the virtual user to access and control. Apparently Ichabod runs much faster than the normal player so that the process is as efficient as possible.

Even dynamically genererated textfields populated with content loaded at runtime like XML, txt, etc is now being indexed apparently.

This is an unbelievable undertaking, but one that was absolutely necessary to ensure the viability of the flash platform into the future and the continued supremacy of Google as the Nr1 search Engine.


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