Thursday, June 4, 2009

Flash Builder 4 Beta - First Impressions

I've installed the beta and here are the first things that stood out for me which look very promising:
  • Imported Flex Builder 3 with no problems, it let me know that the project being imported was created under an older version of the Flex Framework and offered the option to select which one I wanted to utilize for it in Flash Builder.
  • It also listed the Path Variables that needed to be setup.

  • UI Glitches are gone. Many (including me) have complained of disappearing UI elements in Flex Builder 3, in my case I always have problems under Project/Preferences screen.
  • I was pleased to see that under the project source folder (src by default) there is now a Package node, which is clearer instead of showing (or not showing in the case of default packages) subfolders.

  • There is also a new node on the Package Explorer for Referenced Libraries which holds all imported SWCs.

    More to come as I continue to use it!

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