Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Papervision3D + APE Physics Engine - Fourth Iteration

Completed the next step.

- I added two more balls to see how they would work with each other in terms of the physics and everything worked like a charm. Their initial positions are random in the 2d space.

- I changed the material of the sphere at this point because the wire material was degrading performance of the mouseover event handler. The event fired over every line of the geometry and was really annoying.

- Added a white light so the volume of the sphere would be seen better.

- Changed the mouse interactivity to happen on mousemove over the sphere as well as on mouseover. The mousemove handler created much smaller forcers that the mouseover one. I like it this way because you can 'kick' the ball initially (on over) and then by following it and on over it can be handled much easier, including slowing it down.

Here it is.

- After some usability feedback it is clear that I have to consider the mouse velocity so that the forces are greater or smaller depending on it. This is the next step.

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