Saturday, March 21, 2009

Idea and Workflow

The initial idea is to have a website that could help me get more business, so it has to have in itself some of the ingredients of what I like working on the most and that hopefully are in demand.

I am going to build it in Actionscript 3 using Adobe Flex Builder 3 in a pure Actionscript Project. It's so much better that the Flash IDE for coding that I dread going back to it. Graphical assets will remain in Flash IDE though, with exported SWCs as needed and imported into the FLEX Library path. This workflow has given me some headaches in the past but I think I have it under control now.

I am going to use some open source Actionscript libraries to help me materialize the crazy ideas I am having. I might be getting myself into a quagmire but what I plan to do is have the entire menu/navigation system done in Papervision3D 2 with a little dose of physics thanks to either Fisix or APE.

Some Adobe After Effects will throw in there for good measure to create 2D animations that I am thinking of using as some eyecandy.

Next will be may fist 'real' posting as I jump into the project itself.

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